Kwantz uses a new kind of concrete that provides enhanced properties



The high durability of our concrete gives rise to produts with a long service life. Both interior and exterior applications are possible. The material is insensitive for UV-light and possess a very good resistance against freeze-thaw cycles.


Regular concrete is often associated with big and heavy elements. Due to a full optimization resulting in a low porosity, the concrete of Kwantz obtains a very high strength. Consequently, more slender and lighter elements can be developed that are manageable by two persons. Moreover, ourconcrete has a high scratch and heat resistance.


The concrete of Kwantz is characterized by an exceptional fluidity generating a high design freedom which can go from furniture to accessories. Nothing is impossible, if we can produce the formwork, we can make  it. Kwantz provides the liquid natural stone that can be molded to your own needs and ideas.


Surface resistance.

Traditional concrete easily absorbs liquids due to its high porosity. When in contact with acid the concrete is etched very quickly. Both phenomena lead to an unclean surface. Most of the products of Kwantz are treated with an impregnation system that gives superior resistance against liquids, oil and acids without losing the natural look of the concrete.


Natural material.

The best materials are selected to establish a very high quality material. For this we can count on the collaboration with several foreign suppliers possessing a state-of-the art knowledge on their products. These products are all raw materials found around the world, no resin is used in the mixes. This result in natural and sustainable products.

Color of choice

Color of choice.

Working with pigments allows us to produce in a broad range of colors. We only select pigments of the highest quality, leading to rich colors that maintain their intensity over time.