Bathroom countertops in concrete

Concrete in the bathroom is always a hit. Discover the unparalleled beauty and versatility of our concrete slab material, a unique product that will transform your bathroom. Our concrete is suitable for various applications, including beautiful, sleek bathroom countertops. Our slabs are made from natural materials and offer a real and authentic concrete experience.

Kwantz AM Yx MIRAMIRA 15

Advantages of concrete bathroom countertops

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Robust and wear-resistant

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Unique and contemporary look

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Can be combined with other bathroom elements

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Hot hair straighteners are no danger

How a Kwantz countertop
makes your bathroom special

What really makes our product unique is the possibility to have it fully customized. We can shape the slabs exactly to your specifications, including cut-outs for a washbasin or connections for taps. Whether you go for a sleek modern look or a more organic design, our concrete slabs offer endless design possibilities.

In addition to the adaptability in shape, we also emphasise the versatility of colours. Our concrete slabs are available in a wide range of beautiful colours, so you can create a harmonious whole that perfectly matches your bathroom style. The texture and feel of our concrete slab material is truly unique in the market and add unmistakable tactility to your interior.

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