Kwantz Schilde
26 Apr 2024 - 4 minutes

Why is it pleasant and easy to work with Kwantz?

Working with Kwantz in interiors offers a refreshing experience. With its unique properties, Kwantz offers a pleasant and simple solution for various interior applications.

Kwantz 1
14 Mar 2024 - 3 minutes

Sustainable concrete: An in-depth perspective from Kwantz

Sustainable in every sense of the word. Because we care.

Mira Mirax Kwantz Maasmechelen 311
21 Feb 2024 - 3 minutes

Smart ideas to integrate Kwantz concrete into your interior

At Kwantz, we strongly believe in the responsible consumption of materials.

Mira Mirax Kwantz Schilde 11
17 Jan 2024 - 3 minutes

Concrete, the ideal kitchen worktop to combine with any kitchen style

Whether you like a rustic, modern, bold or bohemian look, our kitchen worktops perfectly match any style.

Kwantz Atelier4
06 Dec 2023 - 2 minutes

Different Kwantz colours for concrete worktops

Concrete doesn't always have to be grey! At Kwantz, you can choose between six standard colours.

06 Nov 2023 - 2 minutes

Why concrete worktops are the perfect choice for modern kitchens

The closed, functional kitchen has given way to the living kitchen with a strong social component.