Concrete kitchen countertops

A concrete kitchen worktop and that in a wide variety of colors. Convenient and hard-wearing, with a unique look and feel! You can order our sheet material from one of the natural stone workers we work with. There, the Kwantz concrete is fully customized to your needs. Rectangular or rounded? Pink or mint? Anything is possible!


Advantages of concrete kitchen countertops

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Sustainable and long lifespan

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Unique aesthetics and natural look

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Versatile in design

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Scratch resistance

Kwantz kitchen countertops: 100% natural

At Kwantz we strongly believe in using only natural materials in the production of concrete kitchen countertops. We strive to have a minimal ecological impact while delivering the highest quality. Our concrete kitchen countertops are manufactured with carefully selected ingredients such as cement, sand, water and mineral additives.

Our production process is sustainable and environmentally friendly. We use energy-efficient techniques and minimize waste and pollution. In addition, we have strict quality controls to ensure that every kitchen worktop meets our high standards.

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