Concrete, the ideal kitchen worktop to combine with any kitchen style

Kwantz's varied colour palette and plain worktops with natural nuances allow you to embrace different kitchen styles. Whether you like a rustic, modern, bold or bohemian look, our kitchen worktops perfectly match any style. The versatility of Kwantz offers the freedom to personalise your kitchen based on your unique taste and lifestyle. Below, we combine some kitchen trends with Kwantz's concrete colours to get you started on the kitchen of your dreams.

The appropriate worktop for every kitchen style

Country kitchens

Kwantz adds timeless charm to any country kitchen. Our traditional colours OSLO 1007 and 1008 blend seamlessly with the warm and rustic atmosphere so characteristic of country kitchens. To give it even more character and style, you can swell the worktop to your desired thickness. What really sets Kwantz apart is the way the worktop ages. The concrete kitchen worktop gives your country kitchen a timeless look that only gets more beautiful with age. The concrete grows with you and your home, making it not only a functional element, but also tells a story.

Mira Mirax Kwantz Schilde 11

Industrial kitchens

Concrete is an essential element for those looking for a tough and industrial kitchen. Its rough and unpolished texture - combined with the grey tones of OSLO 1008 - provide the perfect basis for industrial design. The character of concrete exudes strength and simplicity, which blends seamlessly with the clean lines and minimalist shapes typical of industrial aesthetics.

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Bohemian kitchens

Kwantz concrete is a match made in heaven with a bohemian kitchen, with the beautiful OSLO 1011 green being a logical choice. This shade comes into its own in combination with wood, with the green kitchen tabletop adding playfulness, vibrancy and cheerfulness to the whole, giving any kitchen an instant bohemian vibe.

Kwantz Anjelier

Ibiza-style kitchens

The Ibiza style is characterised by a white base, warm wood tones and a touch of carefree luxury. Another characteristic element of the Ibiza style is an accent wall behind the sink or in the shower, to further accentuate the relaxed atmosphere of Ibiza. Kwantz's serene shades OSLO 1001 and OSLO 1010 lend themselves perfectly to this application. These concrete colours not only bring calm and serenity, but also create a timeless elegance so characteristic of the Ibiza style. With Kwantz concrete, you bring the casual luxury of Ibiza to your bathroom or kitchen, making every day feel like a relaxing holiday.

Kwantz concrete, the key to your unique kitchen style

There is no doubt that, thanks to its varied colour palette, Kwantz effortlessly matches any kitchen style. Whether it's a tough industrial look, a colourful bohemian vibe or the serene elegance of Ibiza, our concrete kitchen worktops offer versatility as well as durability. Thanks to our concrete, you can create your ultimate kitchen that is not only beautiful, but also functional and timeless.

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