Why is it pleasant and easy to work with Kwantz?

Working with Kwantz in interiors offers a refreshing experience. With its unique properties, Kwantz offers a pleasant and simple solution for various interior applications. Firstly, it is less heavy than traditional concrete, which not only makes it easier to handle during installation, but also contributes to a lighter and airier spatial feeling. 
This lightness makes working with Kwantz a breath of fresh air for construction teams and interior designers, giving them more flexibility in realising their vision. The higher finish and shorter lead time of Kwantz also contribute to more efficient project management and cost savings.

Revolutionary Light: The Convenience of Kwantz Concrete Slabs

Kwantz manufactures concrete slabs that can be processed like natural stone. They have a limited thickness of just 25 mm. If a robust look is is desired, these slabs can be expertly thickened. This eliminates the need
necessary to order a heavy solid concrete worktop, which would otherwise be a considerable weight would be for the kitchen cabinets. This means that no special measures are needed to place a thickened Kwantz worktop on the kitchen cabinets installation.
Moreover, bringing these sheets in is a lot easier than transporting a solid worktop in traditional concrete. Often already account must be taken of the weight of the worktop during the structural phase. With Kwantz, however, this is no longer a concern, making the whole process runs more smoothly and there is less risk of damage to the structure. This makes Kwantz not only a practical choice, but also a smart and user-friendly solution for various applications in interior design.

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Kwantz: Innovative Concrete Slabs for Unrivalled Finish and Efficiency

Kwantz concrete slabs are distinguished by their reduced thickness and the fact that they contain no reinforcement or fibres. This unique feature allows them to be processed by natural stone workers in the same way as
natural stone, resulting in an unparalleled finish. The traditional casting process in which concrete is cast to size is replaced by advanced machining techniques such as jetting, milling or sawing according to the measurement plan. This significantly reduces the risk of errors reduced, as each part is manufactured with precision. This not only a consistent end result, but also a more efficient production process.
Another advantage of this technique is that cut-outs for, for example, a cooking fire or sink do not have to be included during the casting process, but can be milled out afterwards. This prevents shrinkage cracks This prevents shrinkage cracks, which often occur when pouring concrete.

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How Kwantz Simplifies the Quest for a Concrete Kitchen Countertop

Finding the right contractor for a concrete kitchen worktop can be a challenging and time-consuming task, whether you are an individual renovating your home renovating or a professional looking for high-quality materials for a project. Often, a long search precedes finding a reliable partner, and even when you have found one, you often have to patiently wait for time to free up in his busy schedule. This can delay the whole process and frustrating.
What sets Kwantz apart is our ability to produce the boards and keep them in stock, eliminating the need for customers to wait for an available moment in a contractor's schedule. Moreover, these slabs can be processed by any natural stone processor, making it easier than ever to find a suitable partner to bring your project to life.

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Kwantz: Simplification and Refinement for any interior project with concrete

Working with Kwantz makes interior projects with concrete pleasant and simple. The lightness and high finish of our concrete slabs make for easy installation and efficient project management. In addition, Kwantz eliminates the frustration of finding a contractor by keeping slabs in stock, which can be can be processed by any natural stone worker. With Kwantz, the realise your interior vision in concrete an effortless experience.