Smart ideas to integrate Kwantz concrete into your interior

At Kwantz, we strongly believe in the responsible consumption of materials. Therefore, we strive to make the best use of the residual material of our concrete slabs.

Striving for sustainability with concrete

At Kwantz, we use an efficient working method in collaboration with experienced natural stone masons. These professionals come and measure your kitchen on site and manufacture the kitchen worktop according to the plan in their workshop. The natural stone worker then orders the necessary concrete slabs from Kwantz. We deliver the slab material and the natural stone worker cuts the concrete slab to size, which usually results in leftover material.

Instead of throwing away this valuable residual material, the concrete can be processed in various applications. This not only promotes
only durability, but also ensures a uniform appearance in your interior. In this way, Kwantz not only delivers precision work, but we also contribute to the responsible consumption of materials.

Creative destinations for more concrete in your interiors

Concrete washing tablet

Use the leftover material of your concrete slab by adding a compact washbasin to the smallest room. That way, you add style and class to a part of your interior that doesn't always get a lot of attention. This way you get a unique toilet element as well as reduce waste, a small effort with a big effect on both functionality and environmental friendliness in your home.

Kwantz AM Yx MIRAMIRA 29

Concrete splash wall of toilet enclosure

An alternative way to make full use of a concrete slab in your interior is to use it as the splashback of the toilet enclosure. Stay away from the typical gyproc and opt for a sturdy slab that can take a beating. This way, you will also immediately add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, as an accent in concrete gives any room an instant luxurious feel.

Mira Mira Kwantz Zele 26 Mira Mira Kwantz Zele 11

Inside and outside window sills in concrete

Another way to give your sheet surplus a second life is to use it as cladding for both indoor and outdoor window sills in a colourful look. Thanks to Kwantz's diverse range of colours, you can easily add a stylish and durable touch to your window sills. This way, you prevent residual material from ending up in the dumpster and at the same time create an original accent for your interior and exterior.

Kwantz Sint Pauwels 20 Kwantz Sint Pauwels 34

Concrete entry table and desk

Last but not least, you can make the most of a Kwantz slab by integrating a concrete tablet into your interior. This not only increases the functionality of the space, but also adds a stylish, concrete element to your decor. Whether you choose a concrete entry table for storing keys or a stylish concrete desk, this integrated solution combines sustainable efficiency with aesthetics.

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The most efficient use of a Kwantz concrete slab

Considering incorporating Kwantz concrete into your interior? Then be sure to take a look at our frequently asked questions (FAQ) for details on the dimensions of the concrete slabs. Be sure to consult your (interior) architect or kitchen builder about the most efficient use of the slab. That way, you avoid the valuable surplus of your slab ending up in the container. Because choosing Kwantz concrete in your interior is choosing durability and style.

Curious about Kwantz concrete in real life interiors?

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