Different Kwantz colours for concrete worktops

Concrete doesn't always have to be grey! Our new project book makes that clear too. At Kwantz, you can choose between six standard colours. A colour palette large enough to make numerous combinations with the rest of your interior, but small enough to avoid choice stress.

The history of our Kwantz concrete colours

Our six concrete colours were selected by renowned interior designers such as Dries Otten, Axelle Vertomme and Tim Rogge. Initially, these colours were tailor-made for them, but as they were frequently chosen, we decided to create a fixed range with our most popular colours.

How we colour our concrete

Colouring our concrete is done with metal oxides. For this, we work together with Stoopen&Meeus. With more than 120 years of experience, they are the ideal partner in selecting pigments for our Kwantz kitchen worktops.

Concrete is a natural product, so giving an exact RAL code to our colours is impossible. The best way to get an impression of our colours is to visit one of our partner natural stone workers or have your architect request a free sample box. You are also welcome by appointment at our production site in Wortegem-Petegem.

Kwantz Atelier4

From traditional to colourful concrete

Kwantz's colour palette allows numerous possibilities. The concrete is matt and feels like velvet, making this stone exceptional in the natural stone craftsman's range. Our Kwantz concrete evolves gracefully over the years, eventually acquiring a natural patina with character.

Colourful concrete countertops

OSLO 1009, 1010 and 1011 are ideal for adding an accent to your interior. A playful touch that you can combine with all kinds of materials and finishes.


Kitchen worktops made of traditional concrete

In turn, colours OSLO 1001, 1007, 1008 look great in both rural and minimalist interiors. By thickening the concrete worktops, it is also possible to give a robust look to any kitchen and bathroom.


Interested in using one of our OSLO colours in your interior design project?

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