How to maintain my concrete kitchen countertop

Beautiful colours, durable and affordable... These advantages make Kwantz an attractive choice for your kitchen! But how do you maintain a concrete countertop? In this blog, we explain what you can expect from this natural product and what the best way is to maintain concrete

A natural material

Before we talk in detail about the best way to maintain a concrete kitchen worktop, it is important to dwell on what concrete is exactly. Concrete is a calcareous material with a certain porosity. In terms of stone, concrete is best compared to bluestone and marble. So when you choose concrete, you are consciously choosing a stone that lives, evolves and acquires a patina over time. In other words, you are choosing a material full of character and not plastic.

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We help you protect your kitchen worktop

Before the concrete slabs are transported from the Kwantz workshop to the natural stonemason, we treat them with a stain stopper. This product ensures that you have time to clean up a stain. But if you let the stain dry for too long, the stone will absorb it.

Kwantz advice! Never let liquids dry on the worktop. It's a small effort that makes a world of difference in the long run.

After the natural stonemason has installed the concrete worktops, you can further saturate the stone with stain stop yourself, check our FAQ for more information.

How to maintain my concrete kitchen worktop

As with bluestone and marble, descaling products are not to be used for cleaning concrete countertops! Acidic degreasers based on vinegar and lemon should therefore not be used, as they descale the concrete, possibly resulting in white stains.

Kwantz advice! We recommend using a neutral cleaner or soap & water.


The best products to clean concrete worktops

There are a lot of stain stopping products on the market. At Kwantz, we swear by Akemi's products to give our kitchen worktops appropriate stain protection and maintenance. Below you can find the different products that we recommend to buy or ask your natural stone processor when buying a concrete kitchen worktop from Kwantz.

  • Saturation first week after placement: Antivlek Nano or Pearl
  • Periodic maintenance: Tripple effect
  • Degreaser: Crystal clean

Do you have more questions about maintaining your kitchen worktop?

Do not hesitate to contact us and/or feel free to ask for our user manual full of useful tips!