The advantage of concrete kitchen worktops over other materials

Looking for a suitable worktop for your kitchen? In recent years, the choice of materials has increased significantly with mainly new composites, ceramics but also concrete. Are you getting choice stress from all the options? In this blog, we explain how Kwantz concrete behaves and compares to other stones, so that you can make an easier choice

A natural material with a unique touch

When you choose a concrete worktop in the kitchen, you are going for a natural look-and-feel. The stone definitely does not feel like plastic, more so, the special finish actually provides a velvet touch. This puts Kwantz concrete fully in the category of natural stone such as marble, granite and bluestone. Unlike composite and ceramic, a natural stone - after several years of use or before selling your house - can be resanded and cleaned. This gives the material a longer life and you choose a sustainable alternative.

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An affordable alternative

Concrete is definitely an affordable option for worktops in the kitchen or bathroom. One of the reasons for this is that this material cures at room temperature and therefore does not need large ovens or heavy printing presses that require a lot of energy. In addition, the basic materials such as lime, clay and sand are available in Belgium, allowing us to work with short supply lines and reduce transport.

Kwantz OSLO 1001

A smooth stone with subtle nuances

Kwantz concrete is one of the few stones with an even color in combination with natural subtleties and nuances. This makes the stone perfectly compatible with kitchen cabinets in an HPL colour of your choice. From deep blue to bright red, the possibilities are endless. You can find our different concrete colours here.

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All features in one glance

In the table below, we give you a summary of some of the properties we are often asked about. It gives you a first idea of how Kwantz concrete compares with other materials. If you wish, you can always request a user manual with more information, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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In short, choosing concrete is choosing a durable and natural material that ages gracefully with time and acquires a patina through daily use. It is an affordable stone that combines perfectly with a trendy HPL colour, warm pine cupboard doors or a classic white base.

Would you like to see and feel our Kwantz concrete in real life?

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