Why concrete worktops are the perfect choice for modern kitchens

'Show me your kitchen and tell me who you are' is the motto more than ever. The closed, functional kitchen has given way to the living kitchen with a strong social component, where you can let your creativity run wild.

Kitchen trend: kitchen worktop in concrete

Kitchens have undergone a huge transformation in recent years, with concrete kitchen worktops being one of the most prominent trends. Concrete not only provides a sleek and contemporary look, but also brings durability and versatility. In short, concrete allows you to create a unique kitchen.

Concrete kitchen worktops vs. Modern kitchens

Here are some reasons why a concrete kitchen worktop is the perfect choice for modern kitchens:

1. Stylish Minimalism: A kitchen worktop in concrete fits perfectly with the minimalist design so popular in modern kitchens. Even tones, interspersed with natural shades, create a sense of space. On top of that, Kwantz concrete is only 25 mm thick, in stark contrast to standard thick, heavy and grey concrete worktops. As a result, Kwantz kitchen worktops fit perfectly into a modern kitchen with elegant lines.


2. Versatility: Concrete can be cut into different shapes and sizes, making it suitable for all kinds of design styles. You also have the choice of different colours to infuse your unique style into the kitchen worktops: brightly coloured kitchen fronts, a natural wooden corpus or just sleek black and white... It's all possible!

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3. Short chain: In a modern kitchen, sustainability is fortunately increasingly taken into account in the selection process. One of the aspects we value highly is the short chain. Kwantz is produced in Belgium and also makes maximum use of local and natural products for its unique concrete. Choosing Kwantz, is therefore choosing a responsible product from us.

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In short, modern kitchens are all about creating a contemporary, functional space, and a concrete worktop fits seamlessly into that picture. With their aesthetic appeal, durability and versatility, they offer a great option for anyone looking to transform their kitchen into a contemporary and stylish place.

Wondering how a Kwantz kitchen worktop will take your modern kitchen to the next level?

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